Welcome in Putten! - There is plenty to do!

Whether you are here for shopping, eating, being active or just to unwind; Putten is the place where it’s all possible!

Meet Putten and discover the beautiful village surrounded by heather, forests, lakes and meadows. The city centre offers opportunities for hours of shopping fun. For a drink and a bite you can go to one of the many cosy restaurants. On this page you will find ideas for a successful day out; We wish you a pleasant stay!

On a holiday with children?

Take them with you on a nice cycling tour trough the forest, climb the sightseeing tower and visit the sheeps at the sheepfold. Take a swim at the beach (strand Nulde), go bowling or pick your own fruits and vegetables at Picking garden ‘Het Platteland’.

jongen met zandkasteel

Walking and Cycling - in and around Putten!

A place full of natural beauty and attractions. With the handy cycle network you can easily explore the Veluwe by bike. Rather walk? Choose one of the several walking routes.

Putten is known for its beautiful forests, landscapes and outdoor areas such as; the Speulder- and Sprielderbos, one of the finest and oldest forests of the Netherlands, with oaks grown in wondrous curves.

The Putterbos is a forest with a number of burial mounds. Oldenaller is a diverse estate with woods, wet heaths, farms and farmland. National landscape Arkemheen-Eemland an area with a long history, emerged from the struggle against water. Delta Schuitenbeek known for feeding and breeding ground for many waterfowl. Hiking and Biking trails and several maps of the area are available at VVV Putten.


In Putten you can have lots of shoppingfun. The city centre is home to a lot of beautifull and specialised stores. You’ll find the best products, such as clothing, houseware, cooking accessories and delicious foods  sold by friendly people.

Weekly market:
Every Wednesday morning

Every Friday evening

Go to the website of Shopping Centre Putten

Putten during the war

In October 1944 Putten was the scene of one of the worst acts of revenge which Germans have committed in the Netherlands during World War II. On Sunday, October 1, 1944 the German Wehrmacht involves a great part of Putten in a raid. On 2 October, the men were deported by train to Amersfoort.

Only a few men returned after the liberation. Total number of victims is 552.  In the Memorial Room, in the Dorpsstraat, you find an exhibition on the events of October 1 & 2, 1944. In the memorial garden in the Dorpsstraat stands the statue of a grieving woman, "The woman of Putten".

The Liberation Route Europe lets people experience what happened in 1944-1945. In the Netherlands, nearly 180 locations are marked with listening stones. Three of the listening stones are situated in Putten. These sites have played an important role in the raid on October 1 and 2, 1944. The listening stones are placed at the Old Church, Monument ‘Woman of Putten’ and the Oldenallersebrug.